Project Title: Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings. Funding Body: European Union (EU). Project No: FP7 314283. Duration: 42 months. Start-End Date: 15.10.2012-14.04.2016. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget: € 8,606,892.87. Completed.

Project Title: Development of heat insulation solar glass for low-carbon buildings. Funding Body: European Union (EU). Project No: FP7 326917. Duration: 24 months. Start-End Date: 01.01.2014-31.12.2015. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  € 309,235.20. Completed.

Project Title: Innovative energy saving and climate control system for greenhouses. Funding Body: Innovate UK. Project No: TS/M005836/1. Duration: 18 months. Start-End Date: 01.11.2014-31.05.2016. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  £ 498,768.00. Completed.  

Project Title: High performance vacuum window. Funding Body: Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Project No: DECC-HPVTW. Duration: 24 months. Start-End Date: 01.04.2012-31.03.2014. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  £ 454,913.87. Completed. 

Project Title: The EoN house retrofit research project. Funding Body: EoN Company. Project No: Phase 3.1. & 3.2. Duration: 12 months. Start-End Date: 01.07.2012-30.06.2013. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  £ 100,000.00. Completed.

Project Title: Thermodynamic analysis of the effectiveness of different types of PV modules for wet conditions. Funding Body: TÜBİTAK. Project No: 107M642. Duration: 12 months. Start-End Date: 01.02.2008-01.02.2009. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  ₺ 20,000.00. Completed.

Project Title: Heat insulation solar glass and its potential applications in buildings. Funding Body: TÜBİTAK. Project No: 2219 – 2015/1. Duration: 12 months. Start-End Date: 15.08.2015-15.08.2016. Role in Project: Main Researcher. Budget:  ₺ 22,800.00. Completed.

Project Title:  Design and prototype fabrication of a system for material characterisation based on thermal conductivity. Funding Body: TÜBİTAK. Project No: 2209/A – 2016/2. Duration: 12 months. Start-End Date: 01.01.2017-19.12.2017. Role in Project: Advisor. Budget:  ₺ 2,450.00. Completed.

Project Title:  Development of a novel, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and multi-functional glazing technology for low/zero carbon buildings: An experimental, numerical and statistical investigation. Funding Body: TÜBİTAK. Project No: 216M531. Duration: 24 months. Start-End Date: 15.11.2017-15.11.2019. Role in Project: Coordinator. Budget:  ₺ 78,250.00. Completed.

Project Title:  Co-gasification of hazelnut shell-tea bush / lignite coal mixture and product analysis in fluid bed reactor. Funding Body: TÜBİTAK. Project No: 118C556. Duration: 24 months. Start-End Date: 15.03.2021-15.03.2023. Role in Project: Advisor. Budget:  ₺ 200,000.00. Completed.