Dr. Erdem Cuce has completed his postdoctoral research in the field of sustainable energy and building technologies at the University of Nottingham from 2014 to 2016. During his postdoctoral research, he has worked on a scientific research project entitled “Innovative energy saving and climate control system for greenhouses” funded by Innovate UK. In addition to this, he has worked as main researcher for the European Union projectDevelopment of heat insulation solar glass for low-carbon buildingsat the University of Nottingham from 2012 to 2014. During his doctoral research, he has worked on several scientific research projects funded by different organisations such as European Union, Innovate UK, DECC, EPSRC, British Council and TUBITAK. Some of the said research projects are “HERB – Holistic energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings. European Union Project, Project No: 314283, 2012-2016”, “Eon house testing phase 3a. 2012-2014” and “A high performance vacuum tube window. Vale Windows Company Ltd., 2013-2014”.

Dr. Erdem Cuce has received the MFP degree (Master’s Foundation Programme) in Engineering from the University of London. He has joined the programme in 2011, and successfully completed in 2012. During the said orientation program, he has taken several courses from different disciplines and successfully passed each of them.

Dr. Erdem Cuce has spent three years on his M.Sc. research in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University. During his M.Sc. research, he has worked as the main researcher of a scientific research project entitled “Thermodynamic analysis of the effectiveness of different types of PV modules for wet conditions“. Comprehensive experimental and numerical analyses have been conducted for electrical and thermal modeling of PV systems under different climatic conditions.

Dr. Erdem Cuce is grateful to the respective professors of Uludag University. He has graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering with honors degree in 2006, and the really tough education system of Uludag University has played a key role in the further academic success of Dr. Erdem Cuce.

Rize Anatolian High School is also of vital importance to be noted for Dr. Erdem Cuce since this respective academic career has already been structured during high school times.